Half Chafing Trays

Product Code#
Product Description
Bar Code #
Case Weight
Pieces Per Case
Piece Weight
HT203Cheese Lasagna7-34158-2235118 lbs36 lbs
HT204Meat Lasagna7-34158-2235218 lbs36 lbs
HT205Vegetable Lasagna7-34158-2235318 lbs36 lbs
HT208Cheese Manicotti Parmigiana7-34158-2234818 lbs36 lbs
HT209Penne Pasta with Broccoli Rabe7-34158-2235412 lbs34 lbs
HT210Stuffed Shells with Sauce7-34158-2234315 lbs35 lbs
HT206Eggplant6 lbs
HT296Baked Ziti6 lbs